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STYLE: Hair potential

Cat Eye Kate, Inside Style, Inside Henderson


Cat Eye Kate, Inside Style, Inside Henderson, Fall Fashion 2015, Fall Style 2015

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HAIR Potential : A few of my most favorite products in the whole, wide hair world


Here a a few pictures of hairstyles I’ve been doing lately, plus a shampoo I rave about to all my blonde clients.

Take note that a lot of muted tones are happening in the hair color world right now. I’ve especially noticed my younger clients asking for more cool and metallic toners.

I recommend using this shampoo called shimmer lights (I buy it on Amazon) to keep any brassy tones out of your hair between color services. It can be diluted by adding it to your regular professional shampoo or used alone for more of a cool kick. It also works wonders on brunette hair that has been highlighted if you desire less brassy tones.


Cat Eye Kate, Inside Style, Bumble and bumble. Full Potential, Inside Henderson, hair, hairstyle, Shimmer Lights,


Bumble and bumble. has a new leading product called Full Potential. It is so fabulous for keeping your hair fuller and stronger. With all the right ingredients, it acts like a liquid bandage for those who are prone to thinning. Customers are experiencing up to 46% reduced hair loss in one month.

It smells amazing (for men and woman) and feels invigorating. Trust me, your scalp and hair will thank you.


Click for Bumble and bumble. discount at Mosaic Salon


Cat Eye Kate, Inside Style, Bumble and bumble. Full Potential, Inside Henderson, hair, hairstyle, Shimmer Lights,


We live in a time where hairstylists are teaching other stylists online and customers are also much more educated from Pinterest, YouTube, and other social media.

Over the summer I had the opportunity to meet and be educated from some of my online “hair idols” Larissa Love (the girl with purple hair ,below) is my favorite and the most talented stylist who is always evolving and growing. I watch her on Periscope or Instagram almost daily.




It’s so important to stay inspired and motivated, no matter what you are doing in your profession. Make sure your stylist is keeping up on technical training, and both of you stay educated on the best practices and newest developments!



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